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    Hiding out until your next spy move? Play These Fun Covert Games!

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    Here Litty Litty... 2048 Just Got Litt Up!

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  • Find Neal’s handprints!

    With a guy like Neal Caffrey around, modern masterworks and expensive objets d’art are never safe for long.


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    52 Card Pickup

    Next time somebody asks if you want to play 52 Card Pickup, say Yes! Try your hand at this fun card game where the objective is to remove every card from the pile as fast as you can!

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    Top Score: 10502

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    Alpha Fusion

    Scientists have been creeping closer to cracking the atomic code to create clean combustible energy in an effort to save our fragile environment. This is no easy task. They need more brain power ... and that's where you come in. Create a chain reaction by successfully fusing adjacent letters to form words 3 letters or more.

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    Top Score: 32731

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    Apollo's Arrow

    The Ancient oracle relies on the hypnotic fumes that rise from an underground stream to induce her visions. You are the god Apollo, returned with bow and arrow to defend the oracle and blast away the boulders before they plug the ancient well forever.

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    Top Score: 409090

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    Arenas of Glory

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    Backyard Bocce

    Lawn parties in the Hamptons are the best places to rub elbows with some very important East End people. Your host, Mortimer, is rather tips and has challenged you to a match of his favorite backyard game: BOCCE!

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    Top Score: 16

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    Black Jack

    If you love Black Jack then you have certainly come to the right place! Know when to hit 'em? Think you know when to stay? If you're not sure use the handy tip feature for basic Black Jack strategy. So...feeling lucky? Then put your chips down and stay a while!

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    Top Score: 217825

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    Bugs Gone Wild

    Experimental bugs have escaped from a genetics lab and are causing havoc across the country side. Using Quadrifidus Mushroom spores you must destroy the Bugs Gone Wild. Try to complete all 20 levels.

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    Top Score: 9702500

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    Burn Notice Mahjong

    Stashed away on assignment years ago in Beijing, Michael and Sam often burnt the candle at both ends playing high-stakes, low-volume games of Mahjong to pass the time. Who knew that one day, their own faces would grace the tile pieces of the most addicting game around!

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    Top Score: 19752246

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    Card Counting

    You don't have to be an MIT grad to learn how to break the casinos at Black Jack...Jump into this interactive tutorial and see if you have the wits to beat the system. Levels one to four will track your score. After that, apply your skills to the Character Arcade Black Jack tables and watch your earnings multiply!

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    Top Score: 10049

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    Relive the fun of a carnival and test your skill with this classic arcade game

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