• Classic word game!

    A deluxe version of everyone's favorite word game.

  • Exciting letter-chaining!

    How can fast can you build words from adjacent letter tiles?

  • Books are piling up!

    The longer the word you spell, the more points you get!

  • How quick can you flip?

    Link the letters and create words as fast as possible!


Word Games

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    Alpha Fusion

    Scientists have been creeping closer to cracking the atomic code to create clean combustible energy in an effort to save our fragile environment. This is no easy task. They need more brain power ... and that's where you come in. Create a chain reaction by successfully fusing adjacent letters to form words 3 letters or more.

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    Letter Matrix

    So you think working in a library is easy, huh? Let's put your Dewey decimal skills to the test. As returned books pile up, so does your stress level. So compile volumes wisely, and stash them away quickly. As the books fall you have to choose letters to spell words. Words can be created from any position in the stack. Longer words will gain you more points and clear the stacks faster. Clear each level by accruing the indicated point value.

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    Mind Flipper

    C'mon down and try your luck at Mind Flipper, where spelling meets wit, brains outweigh brawn, and budget prevents us from creating a hot babe to flip the letters. Yep, it's America?s new favorite game show, and with some ad support, it's free to play! Link letters, create words, max out on points, and do it quickly - time is your enemy!

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    Sky Writer

    The crew of the Fly Write skywriting team is all mixed up as usual. Help these pathetic pilots get back on track before someone goes cross-eyed!

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    Word Descent

    For years deep-sea divers have been complaining of jumbled, nonsensical letters littering the ocean floor. These letters are creating grammatical catastrophes for the sea life below. It's your job to make sense of these discarded letters.

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